9 Jan 2017

Harley chopper shit

Happy New Year everyone!

My work has always been very much inspired by tattoo art. Over the years people asked me if I could design tattoos but the more it happened, the more I wanted to tattoo myself. The thing was, I never really had the balls to do it. This changed 1 and a half year ago, when I did my first tattoo on my good friend Jelle. Since then I've done 21 tattoos and this year I'm going all in. I'm still open for commissioned illustration work but my main focus now will be on tattooing. So if you would like a Lenny tattoo pic a design on @tattooflashpagelenny on instagram and send an email to info@lennardschuurmans.com 

A recent request was Harley (panhead) chopper shit, so here it is. :)

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