5 Dec 2016


Hello guys and gals, 

I'm back from 4 weeks Shanghai and Bali :) Time for some good old Bubble Visor action. 
The annual Chirihama Sand Flats Speedway was first organized on September 26th in 2012. That's one month before the first The Race Of Gentlemen..! Yep, again the Japanese did it first and the rest of the world just follows. 
The Chirihama Sand Flats Speedwayne is one of the best action packed custom events in the world, not a lot of show, all about go!!! 
The rad blog Funny Custom has been pumping out great pics of this years event the last couple of weeks and I would like to share some of their best pics, hope you don't mind. Here is part 1,  much more will follow. 

Don't forget to check the Funny Custom blog to see all the pics.

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