21 Jul 2016

Dirt Quake V #9

This year my good friend Zoran from the Rusty Gold Motorshop joined the Dutch team.  :) This was his first time on the dirt, firts race and first dirt track experience and he had a blast! :) We shared a spot in the pit. He was riding his XS650 bored up to 800cc with a 23" xl500 rim upfront.

The day before we left I painted my leather jacket and Zoran's new DMD moto3 replica helmet. And, we both had sponsored Rev'it! Monster 2 gloves, thanks a lot Rev'it!

Zoran was riding in the Chopper class and I was riding in the Inappropriate Road Bike class. Here are some picture of my training session.

During the training the track was still half wet. This was the first time for me on a wet track and I soon noticed that I did not have a lot of confidence on this slippery track... I did not pass anyone during the training... Was I to nervous to race because of last years crash, or was it just the track?

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