26 May 2016

Suzuki GR650 Townsmoker update #4

So here it is with the new subframe. I like! The bike needs to be finished for Hellsrace next month and Dirtquake 5 some weeks later. 

This week the new wheels will arrive with Maxxis dirt track tyres.
If we're lucky they will fit but I'm afraid the rear fork is to short for the 19" rim and the fat flat track tyre and maybe even the front wheel will be to wide for the stock GR650 front fork... We'll see. I also like this 18" rear and 19" front look very much with the Duro HF308 tyres and it worked great last year at Dirt Quake. 

Other to do stuff. 
-Adjust the seat pan to the new subframe and shape the seat. 
-Chrome plating the exhaust and the rear light plus maybe some other parts. 
-New clutch and  gas cable, fork seal and carter plug. 
And it needs some paint :) but we're getting close!

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