20 Nov 2015

Victory Ignition motor

Victory presented a new "concept bike" at Eicma a few days ago. I would not call this bike a concept bike in the traditional sense. Victory asked Swiss custom builder Urls Erbacher to deliver a concept bike. The fact that he used a of the shelf MT-03 head light is not very original to say the least. It's much more of a cruiser than most people hoped for but still it's a very good looking bike with nice lines.

The most interesting thing about this custom is the engine. The weird thing is that it's a not the same engine from the pikes peak bike that Roland Sands build for Victory some months ago. Check what I found when I compared the pictures. The Indian Scout, the Vicory Pikes Peak and the Victory Ignition have 3 different engines. But if you look closely they are almost exactly the same, all the main elements are in exactly the same spot. Is this one Polaris engine with 3 engine covers, what do you think?

Victory will be unveiling the full platform in stages, next step is next month at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in New York.

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