23 Jul 2015

Dirt Quake 4 - Inappropriate Road Bike - Final - Crash!

In the final I crashed in the last corner... Shit! Broke my collarbone and top rib and missed one hell of a party later that night. I spend the night in the hospital. I think I was going to fast in the corner and hit the teenage mutant ninja turtle a.k.a. Hubert Bastie. 

This is what he said: "Im happy you're ok. Yes you hit me, my leg was locked between your frame and your fork... I saw you crash right after. But damn !! Your were fast "

My brother was filming it from the start. Check the final here:



Glad your not too badly broken Lenny . I was marshalling on the back straight and you had us worried for a while ( you left some blood in Norfolk ! ) . Last time I saw you was at Wheels & Waves 2 when you crashed on the ride out . Stop Crashing !

Bubble Visor said...

Sorry about that! :)
Next year the plan is not to crash!

Sideburn Magazine said...

You must have been going fast to catch up with the Ninja Turtle!
I hope you left some paint, rubber & blood on his bike?