9 May 2015

Project GR650 - Welding MIG/MAG

Last Tuesday I had a day off so I went to Eindhoven to work on the GR with Martin.
Martin continued to work on the exhaust and at the same he learned me to work with his new MIG/MAG welding machine.
I had never worked with a MIG/MAG before so I had to learn a lot....

I first tried to make some test welds. 
Than I tried to weld 1mm metal sheet in a 90 degrees angle.
Not a very easy thing to do I can tell you, ha!
After I had done it a few times I felt confident enough to start welding the battery box.

The curved line was super hard to do I found out. The straight lines did go sort of alright... 
I cleaned the welds with the grinder. I had to fill some gaps on the curved line but the rest looked not to bad for a newbe, ha!