21 Jan 2015

Duro HF308 4.00-18

Need some help with tyres for my GR650! I'm planning to have two sets of wheels for the GR650.
a 19 front and 18 inch rear for vintage flattrack look and street use. And a set of 19inch wheels so I can compete in the Thunderbike and or rookie class in DTRA this year. I'm still looking for the best choice for the the race tyres and for the vintage Flattrack tires I'm going for the Dura HF308.

I have a Duro HF308 3.50-19 for the front, now I need the same tire for the back in size 4.00-18. Looks like they are all sold out in Europe. Who can help me with a Duro HF308 4.00-18 located in Europe? The best tip wil get a Barn Fresh shirt 

Please send your tip to info@lennardschuurmans.com


Sopassé said...

kenda k262?

Virgan said...

Hi Lenard, check out these guys, they used to have a stock of Duro Tires for their Royal Enfield. I bought mine there..
Inh. Reinhard Grahneis
Talstraße 11
54666 Irrel
Tel.: +49 (0) 6525 - 77 24
Fax: +49 (0) 6525 - 72 89

E-Mail: info(at)hsi-custombikes.de
URL: www.shop-hsi-custombikes.de