19 Dec 2014

Renard Speed Shop - BMW R1200S Scrambler

Most BMW custom scramblers look the same.
This one is very different. I can't think of a bike that looks similar. It's different but in a understated way. That's not an easy thing to do.
This is one of those bikes that when I saw it for the first time I instantly started to think about how it would be to ride it. I wanne ride it, and that's a great reaction.
It is very much a BMW with the boxer engine sticking out on both sides, the single sided swingarm/shaft drive combination and the telelever that for the first time plays a big part in the looks of a BMW. The new gas tank, seat, tail and headlight changed to bike so radically that it almost becomes a brand on it's own. It looks like a concept bike from a new brand that uses some BMW parts. The finish is perfect. The colour choice is brilliant. This is bike is practical enough to use it everyday in every weather condition and still it's a beautiful minimalistic modern design that looks good from all angles. I hope motorcycle design will go in this direction in the near future instead of the overly complicated, to much plastic, angry looking, heavy, angular bussy crap we're seeing most of the time.
Very good job Renard Speed Shop!

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