4 Sep 2014

The 2014 Cosmic Nozems Motorshow - part 16 - Pure - CB 125T

Just to show you how nice the next Pure Motorcycles custom realy is I'll show you their starting point. A CB125T probably from '83 becouse it has the mono shock.
Now imagine Honda would have made it as sexy as this Pure bike in 1983. It would have sold like hot cakes. In fact if they would sell it today at your honda dealer it would be probably their new best seller!
Why they don't make affordable little bikes(THAT LOOK THIS GOOD) is a big mystery to me.
Anyway Pure motorcycles created this stunningly beautiful bike from this 80's artifact. It's so clean and perfect it almost looks like they bought the bike straight from the dealer and put in in the show.
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Neckdeep said...

Well, I would say that a bike like this would NOT have sold in 1983. In 1989 the Honda GB500 was seen as a failure.

This isn't to say this bike is not awesome...it is. I just don't think it would be appealing to the masses back then...

regis toulouse said...

this bike is originaly a
honda cb 125 td (e or c) superdream with a 4 stroke engine powered who delivers 17 hp. it was built from 1982 to 1989 (the last version was a tdj at 15 hp) this bike was made as an answer to yamaha and susuki's one wich was 2 stroke engines powered. it's a very charming bike but not as much as the pure motorcycle's version... great job!