17 Sept 2014

Goodwood Revival 2014 - part 1

On our way to Goodwood we booked a night at the Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton.
The Royal Albion is located right across the Brighton pier. It looked great 60 years ago but today it's a place to avoid we found out. It has a variety of very intense strange smells. Stains in the carpet, blankets and sheets. The wall paper is falling of, holes in the walls, bad food, and a rather premium price. I would not recommend it to anyone..!


mattacme said...

Whoa, a DBV8 in my favorite color.

Great pics, thanks for posting. Can't wait to see more.

Bubble Visor said...

Thanks Mattacme!
We spotted the DBV8 in Brighton just before we went to Goodwood and it was probably the most beautiful car we saw all day :)