28 Jul 2014

Justin Jankus - Greenwich Concours D'Elegance - part 1

Justin send me these pics last month.
"A little late to the party but here are some shots I got from the Greenwich Concours D'Elegance on June 1st. Sunday was the European contingent of the beautiful, rare, and thunderous machines from the beginning of the car age to the present. The cars ranged from a bare carbon Pagani Huarya, to a 1-0f-3 Ford that was made as a candidate for Hitler's "People's Car" (losing of course to the Beatle), to a 1927/1928 Triumph motorcycle with original sidecar, complete with 80+ year old oil and grease smattered tank and engine. This is the second year I've attended and there are so many cars and bikes I've never heard of, they put the knowledge I've gained by trolling BringATrailer every day to shame.
It was hot and I always feel slightly out of character among rolling up in my grapefruit-sized-hole-in-my-muffler old Legacy and parking amongst Maseratis, Rolls, and 356 driving well-to-dos in white tennis shorts and canary yellow sweaters tied around their necks, but it is still just a great experience. For everyone of the these Vineyard Vines stockholders, there are 10 guys and gals with a little dirt on their hands and chips in the paint from vigorous gravel redispersal on a rolling New England road. These are the people who will talk to you for hours about their car, or your car, or your bike, not bragging, but talking for the love of all things automotive and mechanical. They make these shows work, they make it worth it past the beautifully shaped metal strewn across the field. True Jalops through and through (I even had an awkward exchange with the one and only Bruce Turk of Jalopnik fame) and the reason why I love this scene so much."

Thank you for the absolutely wonderful pictures Justin! They have a timeless quality that is pulling me in the pictures.  

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