10 Jun 2014

Tin Can Customs - Jackdaw CB750

My good friend Chris Dekker from Tin Can Customs just send me these great studio pictures of his finished project, the Jackdaw CB750. I'll take my hat of for your, Chris, this thing is a neck breaker!
Cool how the lines of the handle bar resonate with the tank and the paint design.  I like how the frame follows the seat in the back and the unique stance of this bike really makes it stand out from the crowd. Here are some words from the man himself about the build process.

"So here it is, the CB750. My first build under the banner of Tin Can Customs. It took me some time to get it right, as the shapes and concept changed with each new addition, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. That probably was the most fun thing of the build - letting the bike surprise me.

I started out with an engine, a hacked up frame and a title, then went from there with no real plan in mind. I guess it's not a very time efficient way of creating a motorcycle. But learning to do everything yourself and letting inspiration do it's thing, I found that to be very rewarding in the end. That's why I chose to leave the frame bare metal, so you can still see the welds and the progress that was made in the build.

The engine has been overhauled, top to bottom. Pretty fun to do. I put in a 836cc kit, and replaced everything that was in budget. Bearing cups, chains, clutch, rebuild the oil pump. I sandblasted the cases - never again, it takes ages to get all the grit out. And I think I snapped an oil ring on that last burnout I did, haha.

The handlebar with internal throttle is pretty much my favourite thing. It's basically the shape of the tank, but then flipped around. It just happened! And I'm really stoked on the paint job by Kustom Bart and the upholstery by Marcel Miller, they really compliment each other and the motorcycle itself.

It's a blast to ride, and I'd love to do it more, but I guess building is more my thing. Can't stop the creation!

Take care, Chris"
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The nice pics are from Studio Zelden

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