27 May 2014

Seuraavaan Mutkaan traileri / The Fast of The Forest trailer

Bubble Mail:

I would appreciate it greatly if you could share this info about the documentary film about the Finnish road racer Juha Kallio. We have no way of marketing this film so we only rely on other fans and motorcyclists to share this info. I am also attaching some still images and poster if you decide to publish this and would like to use them.

The Fast of The Forest - a documentary film of the Finnish road racer Juha Kallio will be screened at this year's Isle of Man TT! This is the international premiere for the film.

The film will be screened at the Manx Museum, from June 1st to 7th, every day at 11am. The entry is free, with donations to a local motorsport charity. Duration of the film is 70 minutes. The film's director Antti Jääskeläinen will be introducing the film on Mad Sunday.

Synopsis: Juha Kallio is a Finnish road racer. For years he has been dreaming of racing in the glorious Isle of Man TT. However getting to know the track and leaving his hometown Imatra behind turns out to be harder than expected. A film about obsession, passion and reaching out for your dreams.

All support and help in sharing this event is greatly appreciated, and this will surely be an unusual experience to see for all the TT fans.

This year Juha Kallio is racing in the Finnish 777RR team.

Trailer and teaser:
https://vimeo.com/85279991 https://vimeo.com/88209456
Read more:
seuraavaanmutkaan.blogspot.fi facebook.com/seuraavaanmutkaan

Film director"

Love this project, good luck guys!

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