14 May 2014

Moto Guzzi Dingo GT of 1967

Bubble mail:
"Hello my name is Clément Chasseray I’m from Le Mans (the famous race car « the 24 hours of Le Mans ») in France. I send you this email to share the work of an incredible man; my dad. 
Francis Chasseray, my dad, is addict of motorcycle, every minute he think about bike. He ride since he was 18. And he loves it more than anything. 
One year ago a cousin gave to him this old moto Guzzi of 1967. It was covered of dust and rust. But my dad was sure he can do something for it. During one year every day after working in his car factory he work on the bike, cleaned the dust, repaired the rust, plugged the leak, rebuild the engine, repaired everything. 
And now it’s finish. This moto Guzzi Dingo Gt of 1967 shine like the first day. The motor work like a clock. It’s a 2 stroke engine with 3 speed box. This bike is gorgeous and i’m proud of my dad. 

I joined some photography to my message for your website because my dad love it so much everyday he go to your website to see new bikes, and if someday he see this bike I think he can be really surprised. 

Thank you for reading and share it on your website, you do a create job thank you."
Thanks Clément, very cool bike!

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tin-tinovici said...

Beautiful headlight!