17 Apr 2014

1971 BSA Lightning

Bubble Mail from Elias Chaz:

 "This bike was started over a year ago, with my buddy Charlie after we had just moved to Oakland, Ca from Chicago to find new experiences. Basically we moved here for motorcycles and to expand the horizons of what one can know about bikes. (Which is never-ending) He picked this bike up in west oakland. The engine seized. The motor was completely torn down and the parts put in a bunch of zip lock bags all over our one bedroom, that houses the machine. The connecting rod, as it turns out, was completely melted and cracked in half. Talking to some specialists, they were puzzled and amazed at the lack of oil this machine must have been running on to do such a thing. We took a fabrication class and managed to make a pretty demonic sissy bar for it. After 13 months of running around, freaking out, breaking parts, and waiting for other ones, the bike has finally come together. Its been a beautiful process to be a part of."

Thanks dudes
LOVE the flames on your gas tank!
Perfect ride

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Zoran Holtkamp said...

Shit... I must have this in my life.