12 Mar 2014

the Ernst Ferbler dirty roader takes to the Hills, 110 miles no explosions Postvak IN x

Remember Captain Simon's RS streamliner?
This is his latest creation, the Ernst Ferbler dirty roader

"similar route to the dustbin last sent last year, great roads, beautiful day after the misery of storms and floods....

7,000 revs 110 mph, 110 mile round trip, seat comfy, neck OK handling sort of there, bottom end go gone, full steam ahead with 97 degrees on the telegraph wrist full down eventually full ferble on the open road 7,000 revs and building, Burt Munro rest easy sir....

A5 Ogwen Valley, road built around 1840 the first national road in UK, linking London to Dublin the outpost of the Empire, apologies to my Irish brothers, pre bigger Empire, apologies to the rest of the world, it's OK now we are third world, apologies to third world...wish I never mentioned it, 
a beautiful road carved through mountains 150 years ago when horses carried people and carriages were slow, the mail took 22 hours London to Dublin by horse, coach was 4 days until the road was built and the it was 1-2 days....280 miles
The BMW R80 is probably similar speed to the horse and maybe a similar ride, but its real fun, the mountains are also wonderful to climb in sun or snow, a day can take you a long way and into another world, so similar to motorcycles, elation and misery, cold wet, vistas to die for, adrenalin and joy
so it goes
xxx simon"
Simon you're great! Thanks you so much for you're brilliant pictures and story's

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