23 Mar 2014

Project SV650 - fender

Suzuki is world champion in designing ugly front fenders.
One look at the Hayabusa, VStrom 650, The GW250, or the GSR750 makes you wanne kill your self, aaaahhh!!! But luckily god invented the angle grinder

The stock SV650 fender also got beaten with the ugly stick. It's so wrong, it's almost brilliant.
Cut it yesterday. First I made a line with tape. Cut the front first and than
a little bit from the side on the back. Cleaned and sandpapered it and today I painted it black  with a rattle can.
Amazing how such a small change in design improves the look. Much better don't you think?
Suzuki are you taking notes? Ha!


La Zone Noire said...

a small change that makes a lot!

Zoran Holtkamp said...

World champions of ugly front fenders hahaha.
Much better Lenny!