6 Feb 2014

RSD - Tracker 48 for MotoUSA

Roland Sands built this 2010 Sportster 48 for MotoUSA President Don Becklin and used it as an experimental platform for our their new Machine Ops Finish, Vintage Sportster gas tank, flat track tail, Mid Control and a new exhaust concept. She started life as a Sportster 48. The first mod was a new billet top triple that accepts any riser combo, eliminating the cast in riser. RSD then used their Pro Step Bar with a nice flat track style pull back and Vintage 4 bolt risers. The bike features a host of prototypes including the wild 2-into-1-into-2 Slant Carbon Works finish exhaust, mid controls, custom silicone oil lines by Samco, aluminum tail section, gas tank kit, billet triple clamp for standard risers and front frame guard.  

"At the heart of it all still lies the basis of the Stock 48, but the owner wouldn’t be able to tell. In the end, he got what he asked for because we built what we wanted, which is what he wanted.. or something like that." 

This is my favorite RSD design so far. Great color scheme. No gold rims this time and that's a good thing :) Very nice seat and tail combo,  love the new exhausts, the headers are a bit over the top I think, but the overall look is a very nice balanced design.

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