7 Feb 2014

Family trip to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodja, Thailand. Part 3

Aad, a good friend of Bubble Visor went on a family trip to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodja, and Thailand with the missus and two kids. He made some brilliant pictures of his adventure that I can show here, thanks Aad! The trip started in Vietnam, than Laos, Cambodia and finaly Thailand.
The Porsche 356 was parked on the street under Thong Lor Skytrain station to get some (amazing) street food. We just finished dinner and were walking home, so it was really a lucky shot, especially with the Z1000 parked next to it.

The night pictures of the vintage bikes and cars were all taken on a huge vintage swap meet/night market in Bangkok (Tarad Rodfai)  Amazing place, great atmosphere and unbelievable to see the size of the place. Not all that many bikes or cars, but truckloads of (mainly Euro/American and some Japanese) vintage stuff..

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