4 Feb 2014

Family trip to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodja, Thailand. Part 2

Aad, a good friend of Bubble Visor went on a family trip to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodja, and Thailand with the missus and two kids. He made some brilliant pictures of his adventure that I can show here, thanks Aad! The trip started in Vietnam, than Laos, Cambodia and finaly Thailand.

"The Mad Max Camry is a taxi that has been adapted to Cambodian road conditions and economic reality. Heavy duty suspension, cargo racks etc..
The idiot with the orange pudding bowl helmet is me, I could not resist riding. We rode mainly local style, so 4 up, with the kids squeezed in between me and the missus. I did not have the heart to ride with all of them on the bike over that wooden "bridge", I mean, someone had to take the picture."

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