22 Jan 2014

Premier Trophy

New interesting helmet from Pioneer!
2014 seems to be the year that the big brands finally start selling the products we always wanted. Thank you Ruby, Chad Hodge and Biltwell for waking up the rest! :)

Motolegends is selling the white Premier for 179 pounds and that's around 218,77 euro
So it's a lot cheaper than the new Bell Bullitt that will hit the markets very soon and I think quality wise it's somwhere between the (cheaper) Gringo and the Bullitt.

I can't find a pic of someone wearing the Trophy so I've no idea what the size of this thing is but it looks compact and I like the squared of front and the lack of air vents. Who needs vents anyway with a visor like that, ha.
It will be loud at high speeds but this is a nice looking helmet with a good price.
Here's a review from Motolegends TV 


DP Race Tech said...

Having a serious helmet fetish I have already talked to the Swedish Premiere importer and have a Trophy on the way. Besides the other you mentioned Bell is again making the Star http://www.bellhelmets.eu/page_contenu/helmets/starclassic.php although more of a car helmet but the one that looks and feels most like an old Bell Star is IMHO the DMD Rocky, http://www.dmdhelmet.it/index.php?cPath=86

DP says: This is my Rocky http://dpracetech.blogspot.se/2013/11/helmet.html

HC said...

Yeah it's nice to see manufacturers finally taking a step in this direction. Perhaps the days of browsing eBay for junky vintage lids will soon be over.

A certain company by the name of Norix is reissuing the old Simpson M30 and other models. Possibly with Japanese SG certification, for what that's worth. Might wanna check them out!