27 Jan 2014

Brittney Olsen wants your vote

"Hi, I am Brittney Olsen, 24 year old antique motorcycle racer and activist.

This last year I have had the pleasure of racing my 1923 Harley-Davidson J model in the Board Track Class in America and I will be racing this upcoming year as well!

Currently, I am among hundreds of motorsport racers competing in the Search for a Champion contest for a top sponsorship of $50,000 be awarded by Champion Spark Plug. Every person in the contest submitted a short video describing the type of racing that they do and why they deserve the sponsorship.  Below is the link to view and vote for our video entry's:

Brittney Olsen for Champion

People can vote once everyday until this upcoming Sunday, FEB 2!!!
Winning the grand prize or one of the runner up prizes would allow me to take my racing to the next level as well as sponsor other young riders interested in riding antique bikes. The 20th Century Racing Team has provided a 14 year old girl from Ohio with a 1948 Hummer to race in the 165cc Lightweight class at the Vintage and Antique Motorcycle Races for the 2014 season.
I could really use your help!

Best wishes,
Brittney Olsen20TH CENTURY RACINGAntique Motorcycle Racer & Activist"
email:  20thcenturyracing@gmail.com


jsfury said...

WOW!!! She is one cute racer. I want to ride with her. Brittney, you got my vote. ;)

Paul said...

I've seen you (Brittney) on some other Post regarding the Board-Track Racer and you have my VOTE!
Let-er Rip Girl!!!