30 Nov 2013

The Chop with Ed Oxley

Bubble mail:
"Love your site and thought I’d send you my new short video. It’s not all about motorbikes but it does have a vintage bike in bits, didgeridoo playing, mountain biking, pretty autumn leaves, barbering and some classy violence. It’s been a big hit so far in the mountain bike sphere and I’d like to get it out elsewhere. So if it amuses you maybe you’ll bob it up on your site?"
Thanks Ed!
Great short movie, ha 
The end is brilliant

Ed Oxley from great-rock.co.uk goes on a weird and wonderful journey from Hebden Bridge to the dark heart of Accrington by mountain bike.
Bike: On One 456 Evo on-one.co.uk
Lights: Hope R4 hopetech.com
Hair: North West Barber Co northwestbarberco.com/
Natural History: The Weird & Wonderful theweirdandwonderful.com/
Stag mask: Lahki
Beware the call of the Trail Horn!
Blossom by Nick Losse
Come back Life by Kadavar
Smokestack Ligthning by Howlin' Wolf

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