9 Nov 2013

Friend of Bubble Visor - Eicma part 1

Mystery guest Friend of Bubble Visor's exclusive Eicma report!

"Here are some pictures of the EICMA show. Overall it was a good show, and there were some beautiful bikes. Quite a number of bikes appear to be coming back year on year like some of the TPR Triumphs. Perhaps the Italian custom builders are holding out for the Verona show.
The RNineT is a nice bike and a nice concept, but at that price I wonder how many young people will be able to afford it. I think it will mainly be sold to BMW's current customers.

Having said that, I really want to see what the bearded Parisians, the Berlin blacksmiths and the Galician cannibals will make of it. ;-)

Oh and yes, I need to get a faster lens on my camera, or a flash, because I had to throw away more than half of my pictures and even some of these are not all that sharp. I'll stick to the dayjob for now and leave photography to the pros :)"

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