21 Oct 2013

Palhegyi Design Star Bolt

Palhegyi Design was invited for the Star Bolt custom build-off.
There's not a lot of information to be found about this stunning bike but it's easy to notice that they  radically changed the frame with a new mono shock. The frame is wrapped much tighter around the engine and they cut out the angled down tubes in front of the frame giving it a cleaner look. The 19” dirt track wheels, a modified dirt track tail section, and a two-inch chopped tank clearly are inspired by King Kenny's 1975 TZ750 Yamaha dirt tracker.
I think it's a winner. Let's hope Star/Yamaha get's inspired to build a street tracker bike very soon.

1 comment:

Adriaan said...

looks stunning, but I don't think that single rear suspension bracket under the air intake is ever going to be strong enough to actually ride that thing anywhere.