5 Sept 2013

Alexey's XS400 Clementine

Bubble Mail:

"Hi Lennard!
Wanted to share some pics of my bike. I bought this bike in a pretty poor condition, the frame was bent, most of the electronic parts were substituted with parts from different soviet cars.
It's not that easy to find a bike of that class here in Ukraine, so when I saw it I decided to buy it regardless of the condition.
I started with making a mockup in photoshop, and then started buying the parts that I needed from every corner of the world since you can't find them all here.
Having a son just born and living in an apartment I ended up with almost no time and no space for the project, so I went to dozergarage to ask for help.
And this is what we ended up with, pretty close to the my initial plan.
The modified parts:
Drilled rims (rear rim is from another XS, I had a 16" one and switched it for 18")
A custom made master cylinder
Modified frame
Simplified electrics with a small battery under the seat.
Custom handlebar controls (I made a 3D model with all the dimensions that I can share)

New speedometer, bates style headlight, daytona turn signals
Dunlop K81 tires
Modified tank (used to have a long cap on the it's right, now it has an HD one in the middle)
Cocktail shaker mufflers
Tommaselli grips
The tank has been hand painted by a friend pinstriper from livelinesoldskoolart.
And I named the bike in honor of my son Clement but since the bike is a she it's Clementine now."

Nice bike Alexey! Cool detail the drilled Rims. 



Tomfoolery said...

Cracking photography, too.

worldrider said...

Great photography

Skylar said...

Cool gas cap on the brake reservoir. Good idea.