27 Aug 2013

Jawa 350 2t 1975 - Bone

Bubble mail:

"We send you some pictures of our creation.
We are two guys in Lower Romagna (Zang and Luca Filippi Fabio) and last winter we have created "Bone".
The desire was a lot but very little money, so we started to search the internet and after much sail she appeared ...... Jawa!
The base is a two-cylinder Jawa 350 2t of 1975, which reduced a little 'bone has become in our "Bone".
We have twisted the base, we have tried to do the best job as cheaply as possible (there is a crisis!) And trying to represent the style cafe as we know it.
We hope you like it!
We greet you with a glass of red wine raised,
Luca, Fabio and Bone."
Thanks Guys, this is a thing of beauty, very nice bike!


747 said...

Clean and green!

Luka said...

Fantastic work! Only Italians can take an agrarian Sovietoblaster and turn it into a lean green speed machine! :) If the creators of the bike read this, please get in touch, my brother and I recently bought an '87 350 and this has been a major inspiration.