10 Jul 2013

Le Galipomètre

Nice blog
Check it here


Unknown said...

planning to customize your SV lik the one on the last pictures, Lenny?

Bubble Visor said...

My plans for the SV are changing all the time. What I really would like to do is this: Lower the front. Superbike bar, custom gastank, chopped tz250 seat. but this is just me day dreaming.
Since my budget is absolute nothing I first have to find someone who want's to build a custom tank for a painting or something like that, ha!

Flo said...

Hello, i'll send you more photos when my SV will be finished, soon.
Thank you for visiting and the redirection on my blog, i had never had so many visitors !
Best regards,
Flo "Le Galipometre"

Bubble Visor said...

Please do, Thanks flo!