28 Jun 2013

Trip to Wheels and Waves - Friday - Bixentemoto part 1

Friday morning I visited Bixente Moto, close to our Hotel in Anglet. The Bixente store is probably the coolest place on ze planet. The store is packet with the rarest classic stuff that everybody's is looking for. Old French motorbikes, speedway gear, rare BMX bikes, old racing leathers, vintage, Buco and Bell helmets, grips, stickers, pinball machines, mopeds, custom bikes.. You want it? He's probably got it. I was walking around in the place and I just didn't know where to look, in every corner, on the ceiling, everywhere bitchin stuff all over the place.

Born in 67, Vincent Lassere aka Bixente, grew up with a father that was riding a Royal Enfield interceptor, BSA and Nortons at a local gang during the 60s.  Biarritz the town where Bixente grew up was very exciting in the eighties with a lot of foreigners surfers and skaters traveling in their vans and bringing the taste and flavor of The Californian way of life. Then at 19 Bixenete bought his first Harley and turned it in low budget chopper. He worked at a local Harley dealer from '92 to '97. Soon after he decided to open his own store.  The store is specialized in the recovery of motorcycles and antiques. Vincent rides his heavily modified 53 BSA A10 and he's part organizer of Wheels and Waves together with the Southsiders. The new king of cool builds custom bikes for customers together with the very skilled mechanic Alfonso that joined Bixente Motos some time ago. Vincent swapped me his very dope chain stitched jacket and Alfonso helped me out with my crashed bike, thanks dudes!  I will be back!

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Mark Meisner said...

WOW!!! Now that's what i call a walhalla!! :P