10 Jun 2013

On my way to Wheels and Waves

Did not fix my GR650 in time so I bought a sSV650 for the trip
This thing has zero style but plenty of gooooo! :)
Ze plan is to sell the ugly duck when I'm back or to give it a classic endurance fairing
Will be back in 10 days


Mark Meisner said...

Have fun!!!

Unknown said...

Have a nice and safe trip! Take nice pics at the wheels and waves :-)

And afterwards:



Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Have great trip! I built my TL1000s like this: http://marcusmotodesign.com/2011-concepts-v1000-GT.html


Chris Saddler Sam said...

enjoy the trip...
and the pays basques breeze!!

take many pics too!


Unknown said...

let's see if I can spot u there..

Unknown said...

have a good trip and see you there!