25 Jun 2013

Bubble Mail:

"I just wanted to send a few pictures of a new build I have been working on for a few years.  I have 
been a fan of your bubble visor blog and would love to see it up on the page. The frame is a hand 
built unit by me, the motor is a 2002 or so Triumph Speedmaster 900 that I bought the whole bike as 
a wreck and used the engine and wiring that I had to cut down. Been working on this thing for a few 
years and I am super excited to have it finished up. The tank was painted white and then I drew on it 
with an industrial sharpie and the cleared over. A lot of parts were powder coated by me in my shop 
oven and the frame was done professionally because my oven is not big enough for that. 23 inch front 
wheel off of an old Honda Elsinore bike that was laced up to a JRS hub and the rear is an 18 inch 
ebay find. Dual rear caliper setup that I had the local community college cut out the hanger for me. 
All in all I am super proud of it. 

Brad Luke 
Somerset Ky"

Very nice bike Brad, thanks! Cheers, Lenny

1 comment:

scrapmetalart said...

That bike is great & I love the Front street Cycle bars. :)