9 May 2013

Rusty Gold 2013 part 8

Rusty Gold 2013 was a HUGE succes!

Thanks Zoran. We did it again. Looking forward to our next Rusty Gold event!
Thanks Cruise-Inn, perfect place, cool crowd, we love you.
Thanks Jimmy for the live action screen printing!
Thanks Kay for borrowing you VW van!
Thank you Manonnie for helping me with my Barn Fresh stuff
Thank you weather gods, just how we like it, sunny and a nice breeze.
Thanks Hot Mama Hot for the good food
Thanks Dalida for your cooking skills
Thanks everyone from motor-forum.nl and chopperstyle.nl that showed up.
Thanks Short-Cut choppers, Kustom Bart, BEAM, Numbnut, Tin-Can customs, Road Rocket, RNO Cycles and all the other builders for showing up.
Thanks for the Vodka guys from Russia!
Thanks everyone for the online promotion
Thanks swappers, sellers, buyers, photographers, visitors and riders

The Sunday Kids where a fashionably two hours late so they played for an almost empty arena, ha!
Thanks anyway guys, you rock :)
More cool bikes than we could have imagined where showing up every hour.
Around 13.00 it was so crowded people started parking their bikes on the the non parking street in front of the Cruise Inn. :)

So what about next year?
We will do it again.
Everey first Sunday of May we will organise Rusty Gold and in 2014 that's on the 4th of May so write it down and tell your friends.

The "MEET"part of the Swap Meet was a huge succes this year.
Now we have to concentrate more on the SWAP or SELL part.
We need more people bringing, swapping and selling Rusty Treasures!
So next time please strap your rusty treasures to your bike or tell your friend with all the good stuff to bring it to the Cruise-Inn in his van. Send it by mail or ask your dad to bring all the parts so you can still ride your bike to the event but make sure there's enough to trade at Rusty Gold :)

We hope to see you next year and thanks everyone for all the positive feedback, the love and the good times.

Lenny and Zoran


Mark Meisner said...

I think, and i might speak for everybody, that we all loved it (again) and we can't wait for the next Swap + Meet!!

So i would say, a very great big thanks to you both, Lennard & Zoran!!

Bubble Visor said...

Thanks mark :)

Adriaan said...

Good party, too bad I did not have time to stay longer, but the I bought Robinjo's nice yellow DeWalt chop saw yesterday. So the Swap part was a succes for me. :)