15 May 2013

PAGEVIEWS today 5315, yesterday 5626, last month 167439, history(the first years of bubblevisor are not included) 5001555

That's insane...!
Thank you for watching
From now on everyone has to pay me one cent for each visit, ha!


Dr.Acula said...

you are the king!!!
in Spanish "el puto amo"
speedboys your number one fan!!!

Mark Meisner said...

Holy shit, that's a lot :D In what timespan are the 5 million visitors?

Bubble Visor said...

Thanks dudes :)
I'm not sure but I think a in a time span of 3 years or 4 years

Bram ter Heegde said...

And i was feeling quite smug about my 300 visitors. :) damn.