16 Apr 2013

Wheels and Waves 2013

Stop teasing me guys, I wanne be in Biarritz right now!
So who's planning to go?
My plan is to leave a few days before it starts so I can take my to time reach Biarritz on my GR650.
Zigzagging France and avoiding the big highways.


jsfury said...

Very well done guys. Cool music. Looks like you had some cold weather, but that didn't put a damper on your ride.

Unknown said...

sounds like a good idea, i plan to go with a couple of friends, where you from ?

Bubble Visor said...

I'm living in Amsterdam. Your from Lyon? That's on route :)

Chris Saddler Sam said...

go lenny go!!!

i wish i could be there this year too...
but it's hard!


but.. till the last moment.. who knows..

take care last-year's-room-mate!

have fun and take many many pics!
(and buy a couple.. hmmm... 4-5 memory cards for your cam!!!! hehe)


Chris Saddler Sam said...

btw, u remember the french guy with the broken leg??
he lives in paris and he's gonne ride down to biarritz on his bike...
talk with him too!!
(i have him on my facebook list)

Bubble Visor said...

The guy with the broken leg?
I don't remember..
But that doesn't mean much, ha
My brain is one big piece of Swiss cheese

Would be cool if you can go Chris!