30 Apr 2013

Mark Meisner and Maarten Poodt a.k.a. Yellowrider at the Posbank

Mark Meisner send me these brilliant pictures he just took at the Posbank.
In the posbank you can find one of most beautifull roads off the Netherlands. You have to ride there ones if you have the chance.

Maarten Poodt a.k.a. Yellowrider is the dude who build the two very nice custom Yamaha's you see in these pictures. The TR1 and the TRX. Every winter Maarten Builds a custom bike. His customs ride like they look. Made to ride fast, no show pony's.

Some specs of these cool twins:
Yamaha TRX850 1996
2-cil. 850cc inline twin, kn-filter, RVS exhaust, dynokit, 82hp at rear wheel, top 245 km/u

Yamaha XV/TR1 1986
2-cil. 1000cc, V-twin, kn-filter, RVS exhaust, dynokit, 85hp at rear wheel, top 185 km/u (that's the max he's tried till now)

Read the build thread of these twins here on motor-forum.nl and check Mark Meisners website for more great pictures. Mark will be at Rusty Gold this Sunday so if you're lucky he will take a picture of your bike.

Thanks Mark!


Mark Meisner said...

Thanks Len!!!

MIOB said...

Gave foto's hoor!!

David Sánchez said...

Great work. I love both bikes.

HameL said...

Love both bikes, but that TRX has to be the coolest TRX IN THE WORLD!!