23 Apr 2013

And the 3rd winner of the book Aantrappen & Vliegen happen - Tobias

Jos thanks you for sending the Aantrappen & Vliegen Happen books for this contest!
Without you we would't have had all these great black and white photo's and the stories behind them.
For the people that would like to have their own copie of the book, no worries
You can still buy it here on bol.com
The 3rd and last winner of this contest is Tobias from the Netherlands
"The Zundapp and the BSA are mine.

I bought the BSA as a real barnfind in the USA while on holiday.
I was 15 years old at the time and although I was a little bit afraid of such a big project my plans where to finish it before my 18th birthday so I could ride it the moment I had my motorcycle license.

It was much harder than I had suspected. BSA parts are expensive for a kid with a job in a supermarket and the license rules changed. So now I had to wait till my 21st birthday till I could ride on the BSA.
In the meantime I decided to put more work into my Zundapp moped. The 100km per hour was enough to keep me distracted for a while, but when I had the opportunity to buy a 125 cc Zundapp rickman metisse, ambitions moved up again.

Meanwhile I worked hard to finish the BSA and last summer I finally had the change to start riding it with a fresh "lightweight' motorcycle license in my pocket.

You might think, what is a kid like that thinking; buying a BSA  on his age?
I grew up in the garage, and working on "real" machines is something which I learned at a very young age. When my dad was out wrenching, I would lock myself up in the cars for hours, dreaming that I was Micheal Schumacher. After I while I was old enough to hand him the spanners, and it didn't take long before I was working on my own little puch.
I see myself as an incredibly lucky person; I have had the chance to visit some very special "petrol head" places like Boulieu, Le mans, Pebble beach and Bonneville and always brought my analog Pentax camera with me in order to take pictures of the "creatures of speed". 
I truly enjoy the shapes, mechanics and craftsmanship that goes into old cars and bikes. Form follows function often leads to most beautiful objects and mechanical solutions..and these vintage machines have a soul, they have survived many years and carry the scars which makes them unique."
Very cool pictures Tobias and the story is great!

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