6 Mar 2013

Osaka Custom Style

In the fall of 2010 Bart took his first trip to the island country of Japan. It was there, that he fell unexpectedly in love with a motorcycle. "I've always liked motorcycles, but never enough that I felt I wanted to get my rider's license and actually own a bike. But while in Japan, I saw several bikes that just had a look like no other, and I was immediately hooked."
The fat rear tire, the stripped-down naked body, and the stark simplicity of these bikes intrigued him. After returning home, Bart was was determined to find out more. All he knew about them was that they were Yamaha's, and they were all over Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. He thought for sure they must be some cool JDM market only motorcycle. But after a little searching, he discovered that these bikes were just modified Yamaha TW200 and where available in the USA so the concept of having one was real!

That's when he started to collect all the part he needed and built his first custom. He just finished it and took some very nice shots in the freezing cold. As you can see he likes black. lots of black and it looks good on the TW200. Very cool custom Bart! Read about the complete build on his blog Osaka Custom Style


TS said...

Nice! Purposeful, clean and sober, that's how I like my bikes as well. Looks like loads of fun to ride!

bklynbikes said...

love TW200 's. I have never been to Japan but after seeing photos I had to build one in that style.