4 Feb 2013

Ian Galvin

Ian Galvin is an industrial designer/concept artist by trade. He love's motorcycles and recently completed a series of illustrations for a prospective dream garage Ian has in his head.  

A large capacity track bike for the weekends, stripped down and spray painted panels, with a go-pro to record an occasional overtake.  A long distance adventure bike for camping with a custom seat for extra comfort and a rally fairing for that desert racer look.  And a daily driver for city blasts, with a custom headlight shroud and a small rack in the back for groceries or a small bag.  Also dual exhausts with bent metal covers because awesome.


"I thought you might be interested in them and I was was wondering if you or your followers would be interested in some moto related illustrations.  I could illustrate an existing bike, visualize a potential project bike, or do something just kind of crazy and out there and cool looking."

Ian Galvin
Los Angeles CA




Adriaan said...

Awesome stuff

Swagger said...

Fantastic! May I repost?

Bubble Visor said...

Yes you can :)

Ian Galvin said...

Thanks for the post!

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Very cool stuff! Saw also your jetmoto designs on your blog, Radical designs! I am now a fan! :-D