24 Jan 2013

Sunday Kids - Twang Wolf Sessions

In september 2010 a good friend introduced me to Folkert, the lead singer of the Sunday Kids. Some days later the Sunday Kids asked me if I would like to design the album cover of their debut album. Yes please!
Lots of good and bad stuff happenend with the band after that, took them ages to finish it and a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into the making of this album. Along the way we’ve become good friends and the crocodile demon is allready inked on Folkert’s right arm.

Last Friday they had their long awaited release party in the Winston in Amsterdam to present their debut album “Twang Wolf Sessions”.
It was packed. Lots of good people showed up. Fans, friends and family and they came from all over the place to see the Sunday Kids live. The producer of the album Hans Hannemann opened the night with a small introduction of the band and he played some sweet acoustic solo songs on his guitar. 
The Sunday Kids gave a bitchin performance on stage. Best concert I've seen in a long time. I kid you not.
It’s rather difficult to describe their sound. Dirty rockin garage blouse. Reminds me a little bit of the first dEUS album and the Standels, the Velvet Underground, the Soniks. Mix all that with a lot of gasoline and your almost there. the Good news is we’ve booked them for Rusty Gold 2013 on the 5th of May :)

Made these pictures with the Nex-5n

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Mark Meisner said...

Nette foto's, zeer nette foto's!! Geeft een lekkere sfeer! Cover is uiteraard top!!