13 Jan 2013

Kustom Korner Nude Rear Party

Yesterday Zoran and I had the plan to go to the Kustom Korner Nude Rear Party in Ede. But Zoran's dominator didn't like the plan very much and did not start at all..
So I started the trip alone on my Super 100. This was the first "big" trip I did with the Super.
In Utrecht I had a pit stop at shedbuiltbikes Michiel to drink some tea. I could not convince him to join me on my trip to Ede but he gave me the great advice to take the N224. Great road trough the Veluwe.

When I finally arrived at the Kustom Korner the party was almost over, hehe! But it was nice to see the new projects they are working on. Thank guys, I had a nice day!

15 minutes before dark I started my trip home. Took me 2,5 hours to get back riding the back roads between Ede and Amsterdam. The whole ride was a 190 km trip. When I arrived in Amsterdam it was freezing 1 degree Celsius. The Super did perfectly fine.

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