10 Dec 2012

Take A Chance

New BARN FRESH T-shirts.
"Take A Chance" The black one Now at the printer.

I can pick them up tomorrow
Same high standard quality material and prints as the first serie.
There are still some of the Bubble Visor x Barn Fresh T-shirts left but most sizes are gone.
Check the unofficial web store here to see if if I've still got your size.
The official Barn Fresh web store is still not finished yet but the design is finished and people are building it right now as we speak. will show a sneak peak of the store soon.

Again no XXL sizes. sorry about that. I'm trying to find a T-shirt with the same high quality material and nice fit that has has a wider range of colours and T-shirt sizes but for now this is the only T-shirt that makes the cut.
This is not a Guildan or Fruit of the Loom kind of shirt. I'm only using premium materials. You'll feel the difference when you wear it.


jbweldon said...

Hey Lenny, I think we need to do a trade! Shirt for shirt. How do these things fit? American sizes or skinny European sizes?!
Let me know

Chris Saddler Sam said...

hei jonathan...
i'm sure u're gonna need the xl one!

c u next time u ride around europe!

PS: hei lenny, u remember my t-shirts @ biarritz?
the ones i bought them from the "intersport" store.
a really good ratio: quality/price!!
u should go try them!!