6 Dec 2012

Mooneyes hotrod custom show 2012 - part 3

Some more great stuff from Sparetime
That Stoop Buell is probably the best looking Buell ever made. Very nice!
And I need to find out more about Tool Box custom Motorcycles. What a rad bike...!


WhitelinePsycho said...

Mindblowing, exceptional and spectacular shots of some mindblowing, exceptional and spectacular machinery . . . WOW !!!!

jsfury said...

So what's the deal with the Japanese? They seem to be going ape shit for all things American and British. Not that that is a bad thing. Yet Japan has produced some of the most amazing bikes this planet has ever seen. Yes the had some duds too, but the most iconic I think is the Honda CB 750 K series from '69 to '78. I don't see to much of this bike being done up by them. Was it because it was strictly an export bike?

Bubble Visor said...

My guess is that in this Japanese scene they prefer twins and thumpers.
There are also lots of cool customs in Japan with Japanase four cylinder bikes but not so much in this particular show. Mooneyes is more the old skool hot rod show.

Thats' why in this show you see the
kawasaki W650/800 twins
and yamaha sr400/500 thumpers a lot

And the very nice red Rikuo is a Japanese Motorcycle based on a Harley Davidson design

Unknown said...

And don't forget sanctuary, bulldock and ritme sereno. They stand for fine resto mods. Maybe they got something with HD becauseof the stond world war? But it's for sure that it's the best HD custom scene by far!