23 Nov 2012

Darizt Design

Cool Custom Builder from Indonesia

"Sugeng Rawuh
This blog is about our little shed in Jogja, a little city in the heart of Java Indonesia, where we handcrafted our own bikes or our customers' with such primitive and traditional ways. :) Enjoy

Check the blog here 


Chris Saddler Sam said...

i really love these darizt bikes!
great styles!

i would ride them all...
any one of them would fit perfect in my garage!


btw, mr darizt, is any of them for sale?
and what's the $$$ ???

Zoran Holtkamp said...

Great looking bikes and dito photos.
The Indonesian custom scene is doing well!

Unknown said...

My bike is the one that labeled as 8th attempt. I should say the concept and build quality of darizt design bikes is really something. And what makes darizt even more special is the process of building their projects, it's like watching art performance, with the most humble and simple language that everyone will know what they do is all about dedication of what they love, motorcycle.

I fell in love with my bike every day