21 Nov 2012

Arai full face 2013

It's always difficult to find a modern full face helmet with a graphic design that is not turbo ugly and that has some class. Arai still has a lot of bad desigsn but they also have some nicer designs for 2013. I'm not running to the shop to buy one but hey, they look Okay!

Still don't like:
The cheesy dropshadows they sometimes use behind the (Huge!) Arai logo's -  don't!
The Dready Performance tekst is very 90's and I heard the 90's are back but what does it mean? why? who needs it?
Why do they write the model name on the back of the helmets? Less is more. use a sticker so we can remove it.

Its nice see we can have graphics without tribals in 2013

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