4 Aug 2012

Legends of the Motorcycle 2006

I received a nice e-mail some time ago from Allen Sunderland.
Allen Sunderland attended all the Legends of the Motorcycle events
at Half Moon Bay and took many photos with his Canon 5D and L Series lens.

”I particularly like the shots from the first year. That event was not well known
and I was one of few people there with professional camera equipment....the second
year I was in the room next to the Crocker family.
All the years were good, but the first year was low key and not overrun. It was possible
to just sit around and talk with people like Arlen Ness, Paul Cox,
Mert Lawill (my neighbor by the way) and Jeff Decker. Mert still lives in the same house
shown On Any Sunday, but now there are many houses on that hill.  Often I would not
realize who I had been talking with until afterwards. And the bikes were even more unique
than the people. My wife and I stayed at the hotel which made for more fun.

It was interesting the Ritz Carlton did not close the golf course for most of the activities
creating a surreal contrast between the bikers and the golfers in the background.”

Thanks Al for sharing your very nice pictures.
This is just a small selection. Visit his page to see much more.

In 2008 was the 3rd and last year of Legend of the Motorcycle. International
Concours d'Elegance, the first world-class concours d'elegance exclusively for motorcycles.

Hopefully this legendary event will return.
This is an event that made a big impact on everyone.

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