9 Aug 2012

Barn Fresh - Bubble Visor Tees

Here are my first Barn Fresh products, almost for sale... :)
Made some quick shots

Printed on Earth Positive Apparel vintage washed T-Shirts. 
Red, Old White and Charcoal. 
And no, there will be no black Tees with this print.

100% certified Organic Cotton
Jersey 155 g
They claim to be 100% Organic & Ethical.
90% Reduced C02

Printed with water based ink.

Costs for shipping, packaging, etc. still need some attention. 
Hope to start selling the Tees on Monday.

I don't want you to want this shirt because it's eco friendly.
I want you to want it because you like it so much :)
So tell me what you think.


ldnrmr said...

Please tell me it comes in black?!

Bubble Visor said...

hell no!

Chris Neckdeep said...

Great! I'm in and will order if you ship to San Francisco, California.

Don't believe the hype...it's not all about black. Charcoal is killer. Break the mold!

Ruud said...

Great colors,take the red and grey!

TS said...

1 x old white M for me! Cool shirt, love it! How about one with the mudhead surfing his motorcycle?

Patrick said...

Fuck Yeah!

Jacek said...

THANK YOU - NO BLACK. one in red & one in grey Medium please!!!

spiedo said...

Bella! Now tell us how to order one!

beuk said...

Doe mij maar een grijze!

FrAnCeScO said...

how much for 1pcs tg L Charcoal ?
delivery expenses to italy?

PEN15RC said...

Another US customer here.

marsvegan said...

How much shipped to America?

spy said...

I'm in for one. Great blog. I check it every day

Nick said...

I'll have two. I'll be in Amsterdam in just over two weeks - can I pick them up and save on postage??

Mark Meisner said...

Nice tees!!! Gotta get them! :P

lennyway said...

Thanks dudes!

Costs for shipping, packaging, etc. still need some attention. Hope to start selling the Tees on Monday.

I will ship world wide.
You can save on shipping costs if you pick them up in Amsterdam.


ZZ chop said...

count me in!

Zoran Holtkamp said...

You sir, are the man.
Can't wait to pick em up!

David said...

Do the fit pretty true to their size like a Gildan, Alstyle?? The design is Awesome. Charcoal is killing it!

lennyway said...

Check the sizes here:


ratstyle said...

grey is perfect want one in large to germany

SakeRacer said...

i just love the grey one..
white one looks rad too!

D said...

White one and red one in Large! Can you ship them to Moscow, Russia?