17 Jul 2012

rectifier regulator

Last weekend at Achterveld my rectifier regulator died so I had to leave it behind.
Thanks Harrie, BC and Jeroen for helping me out.
I ordered a new one and installed it yesterday and rode back to Amsterdam in the rain..

Rain, Rain, Rain
Everyday is a rainy day here in the Netherlands
This Dutch summer sucks big time
Let's hope it will be better next week.


Zoran Holtkamp said...

Nice going Lenny! Where did you find the reg?
If the weathergods have some mercy on us we could do a ride this weekend, you up for it?

Bubble Visor said...

Bought a new one
the one in the pic is the old one
this weeksn I'm in Brussels again paintings doors

DAN_DAN said...

yess electrical plagues everyone! My SV650 just had the main connector from the ign switch burn out on me. its always best when you fix it yourself! good job lenny!

wout said...

Laat iets weten als je iets wil doen in Brussel. Steeds welkom!