9 May 2012

Rusty Gold 2012 Part 3

Most people left around 16h00 but we stayed till 17.30
Here are my last pics of Rusty Gold 2012
All ready looking forward to next year :)


Charles Hamilton said...

That CB400F makes me grin like an idiot.

SakeRacer said...

many many nice bikes!
and nice shots!
bravo lenny!!

and btw...
whats the swingarm on that 2cil silver/grey yamaha????

SakeRacer said...

i meant: 3cil. yamaha!


Bubble Visor said...

Thanks :)
I don't know..
looks like a modified 90s jap mono swingarm

SakeRacer said...

maybe this:


i thought it seemed familiar...
but i was too lazy to google it1