8 May 2012

Rusty Gold 2012 part 2


Charles Hamilton said...

Every one of these pictures is awesome!
I spotted Mike's CB750

I also love how there's a whole gaggle of vintage bikes, then a random Volvo P1800.

TS said...

Wow, nice pictures! You must love your new nex 5!

Bubble Visor said...

Thanks Ton

Yes it's great!
Nex-5n to be precise :)

MIOB said...

Great photos Lennard! Better start designing a watermark ;)

@ Charles: I spotted me too ;). Behind me is Vincent from desmomeister: http://desmomeister.blogspot.com/

Mark Meisner said...

Sexy bikes and cool chicks!! Love it :) Nice pics, your Sony does a decent job!!